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Calendar of Events

American Flags
Christmas Spirits

March 9th      SPIRITUALIST FAIRE | 10am to 4pm

March 20-31   DAR American Revolution War Experience Traveling Exhibit | Noon to 4pm

April 20th       CELLAR TO ATTIC TOURS | Noon to 4pm


May 4th         SPIRITUALIST FAIRE  |  10am to 4pm

May TBD        ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING |  4:30 to 5:30pm

June 15th       MEEKER FAMILY REUNION | 10am to 4pm         

Aug 10th        SPIRITUALIST FAIRE  | 10am to 4pm


Sept 28th       CELLAR TO ATTIC TOURS | Noon to 4pm

Oct 12th         CIDER SQUEEZE & OREGON TRAIL  |  10am to 3pm

Nov 9th          SPIRITUALIST FAIRE  |  10am to 4pm


Nov 30th        CHRISTMAS AT THE MANSION  |  4:30pm to 7:00pm

Nov 31st         HOLIDAY TOURS | Through end of year



TEAS AT THE MANSION - Suspended at this time | Check back for updates

MINI MANSION WEDDING BOOKINGS - More information available

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