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Meeker Mansion
Cellar to Attic Tours

Only Twice a Year!

Tour All Four Floors

Saturday, April 20, 2024 and

Saturday, September 28, 2024

Noon to 4:00pm

Tickets Available at the Door

Admission:  $10 Adults

$9 Seniors | Students | Military

$8 Children


Volunteers work on painting

ornamental wooden urns to be

installed on the balcony posts on the

east side of the Mansion. With a 130 year old

home, there is always restoration work

needing to be done.

Not many updates have occurred in the

basement since the Meekers resided here. Tours 

through the basement and attic show the

detail and craftsmanship originally

invested in their home.

Restoration work

Speaking Tubes

1st Floor Library to 2nd Floor

Speaking tubes were a popular intercom

system in the 1890s when the

Meeker Mansion was built.

It reduced the amount of trips up

and down the stairs.

Tour the Mansion and learn why

they were disconnected.

Ezra's Room

2nd Floor | Lifetime of Travels

Visit Ezra's room and learn about nearly

100 years of Ezra Meeker.

His rise to great wealth and ultimate financial ruin;

His time in the Yukon and Eliza Jane's support;

Memorializing the importance of the

Oregon Trail.




Digitizing & Conservation

The Archive Collection in the Attic

is the heart of the Meeker Mansion Museum.

Currently a dozen volunteers and staff work tirelessly digitizing thousands of records,

pieces of ephemera, and artifacts that are

catalogued in the Museum database. 

Artifact conservation is a labor of love

performed by experts who work with artifacts

in the Archive Collection.

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