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Mansion Tour Experience


Six Original Fireplace Mantles with Vintage Tiles

Meeker Mansion boasts six original hand carved wood mantles with vintage acoustic tile.

Fun Fact:  The fireplace tile in the first floor small parlor matches some of the fireplace tiles in the Winchester Mansion in San Jose, California

Grand Staircase

The Grand Staircase in the Meeker Mansion is an example of the attention to detail that Eliza Jane Meeker invested in their new home.

Fun Facts: 

1. No nails were used in the construction of the staircase.

2. The niche boasts a small mirror placed at a precise height enabling Eliza Jane to check her 4'8" appearance before leaving the house.  

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Dining with the Meekers

The Mansion Dining Room boasts the impressive Meeker dining table which could seat 18 guests.

The Meekers were known for hosting elaborate dinners in support of local schools and churches. Servingware sets are changed out seasonally. 

Meeker Bedroom

The Meeker Bedroom features a walk in closet, portraits of Ezra and Eliza Jane, a fainting couch and their original bedroom set with oak carved leaves and brass accents.

Fun Fact:

The bedroom set was mass produced and guests have reported seeing identical furniture pieces in Port Townsend.

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Gift Shop

If you're looking for unique gifts, or mementos from touring Meeker Mansion, or books on local history, you'll find it in our gift shop.