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Member Recognition.

The Puyallup Historical Society at Meeker Mansion greatly appreciates the continued support received from members and businesses. Annual membership dues help fund the collection, preservation and archiving of artifacts relating to our local heritage, and our ongoing restoration of Meeker Mansion. Many descendants of Ezra and Eliza Jane Meeker continue to support our work to ensure that students and guests can tour Meeker Mansion and learn about the early pioneers of Puyallup and their journey along the Oregon Trail. 

Our Historical Society is pleased to recognize the following people and businesses whose membership dues continue to support our organizational mission and ensure funding of our educational programming.  

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Business Members

Annual Business Member Benefits:

  • Free entrance to Meeker Mansion for two people

  • Free quarterly newsletters

  • 10% off Gift Shop purchases

  • Free listing on website

  • Free vendor space at annual Cider Squeeze event 


2 Palms Oasis Tax LLC

Jon & Sarah Palms

528 E Pioneer

Puyallup, Washington 98372

(253) 770-7030

Farmer's Insurance

Brad Chilcott

333 S Meridian

Suite 105-B

Puyallup , Washington 98371

(253) 473-7321

Puyallup School District

302 2nd St. SE

Puyallup, Washington 98372

Vancouver Door Co.

203 5th St. NW

Puyallup, Washington 98371

Whitworth Pest Solutions

2533 Inter Ave

Puyallup, Washington 98372



Media Member


  • Free entrance for scheduled  photo & video shoots

  • $175 off minimum 4 hour rental

  • Free quarterly newsletters

  • Free listing on website


Membership Options:

 - Individual -

- Family -

- Senior (60+) -

- Teacher -

- Lifetime -


  • Free entrance to Meeker Mansion

  • Free quarterly newsletters

  • 10% off Gift Shop purchases

  • Member recognition on website

  • Invitation to annual meeting & member only events



Annmarie Oda

Bill Peacher 

Bob & Liz Anderson

Bruce Cadwell

Catherine Peacher

Cheryl L. Lundgren

Claudia Marston

David W. Meeker

Dorothy Cardon

Doug Davey

Eileen Peacher

Greg Meeker

Hans Zeiger

Janet Kanter-Purcell

Judith Myers

Katie Klahn

Lauren Fulton

Marie Gibson

Marjorie Gell

Phyllis LeBlanc

Ray Kanter

Howard D. Baumgart

Ruth Anderson

Susan Brown Bolt

Susan Templeton Sullivan

Tom Young


Anastesia & Alexander Rotkin

Andy Anderson

Angelina Burslem

Anne Cyr

Audrey Neuendorf

Barbara & Chris Egan

Beth Bestrom

Bill & Rowena Horn

Camille Bradford

Carol & Ross Hammer

Carol Berg Kirstein

Charlotte Carson-Jeske

Christine Larson

Cindy Lodeibery Soderberg

Cyndy Jacobsen

Dan & Cheryl Comsia

Dave & Wendy Welch

David & Karen Robbins

David & Pat DeGroot

Dean Johnson

Dennis Larsen

Diana Meeker Neel

Diana Seals

Diane Draper

Dianne Berger

Dolores Rohlman

Donna Chandler

Dorothy Docken

Doug Simmons

Ellen Hull

Ellen O'Rorke

Elizabeth Thomas

Eric & Barbara Burkhead

Fred Whitney

Gary & Kay Brackett

Gary & Sara Carlington

Geri Trolson

Gwen Vinyard

Hal & Helen Rohlman

Heidi Beck

Helen Gardner

Hilda Meryhew

James Martinson

Jan Baginski

Jan Ramstead

Janet E. Peterson

Jason Ganwich

Jeanie Veith

Jenny Canter

Jerry Bates

Jessica Vasquez

Jill & Donald Marsee

JMarie Johnson-Kola

Joan Shalikashvili

Joel & Gwendolyn Hickman

John & Jill Starks

John Hopkins

John Moore

Judith L. Johnson

Judith Watterson

Karen & Brent Begalka

Karina Murphy

Kathryn Templeton Israelson

Katie Sutliff

Kent Beaty

Kerry Yanasak

Kim & Chris Chrisholm

Kimberly Rose

Leanna Schletzbaum

Leslie Klahn

Linda O'Gwin

Linda Schad

Linda Whybrew

Lorrie Ingram

Marla Pelowski

Martin & Jessica Hines

Mary DeFord

Mary Meeker Zoller

Melanie & Nathan Scott

Nancy Ahrens

Nancy Jean White

Nancy Lewis

Neil & Celia Vincent

Neil & Kathy Warren

Nita Huber

Norm & Jackie Wilcox

Ralph Munro

Ralph Deathrage

Ray & Maura Egan

Renee Zeiger

Rick Potter

Robert & Lynn Daugherty

Robin Farris

Roger Nix

Rosemary Eckerson

Rosemary Martinak

Ruth Maloney

Sean & Danielle Elekes

Shannon Hope

Shelly Schlumpf

Sheri Coughlin

Simon Diez

Stan & Tammy Conklin

Stephanie Fox

Steve Pogge

Sue Espinoza

Tara Balcom

Teresa Koe

Teresa Smith

Terri Parker

Thomas J. Arthur

Tianda Brown

Todd & Julie Giltner

Tom Alswager

Tom M. Saunders

Valerie Amembal

Valerie Hannah

Vickie Wilson

Wallace & Sandra Goelzer

Walter Collins

Wayne & Sue Fass

Wendell Netzer

Wes & Suzy Perkinson

William & Leann Camp




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