at the Mansion


One night each month, guests can attend lectures after hours in the Mansion. Presenters will share stories about the Mansion, history of textiles and more.

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THURSDAY EVENINGS |  5pm to 6:30pm

JULY 21st  -  Dennis Larsen - Meeker Book author

                                The recognized biographer of Ezra Meeker and family

                                 will speak about newly discovered information

                                 about the Meeker descendants.

AUGUST  18th  -   Audrey  Neuendorf- former Meeker Mansion Conservator, 

                                will do a Quilt Turning presentation in the Meeker Bedroom

                                featuring Meeker quilts. The presentation will explain historic

                                information about the care and preservation of these heirlooms.

SEPTEMBER 15th  -  Darrel Nash, a 26-year U.S. military veteran and a retired

                                     Washington State Trooper, also serves as the 24th Inf. Regt.

                                     Association Historian for the Buffalo Soldiers Museum in

                                     Tacoma.  Mr. Nash is a well recognized speaker who presents

                                     the history of the Buffalo Soldiers for our communities in

                                     recognition of their contribution to our country. 

OCTOBER 20th  -  To Be Announced

NOVEMBER 17th  -  To Be Announced


DECEMBER 15th  -  To Be Announced